It is our goal to arrive at your appointment location as close as possible to the appointment time agreed upon. We will provide you a 2 Hour window frame of our arrival to accommodate for weather & traffic conditions.

We will attempt to notify you if we are running late / early for your appointment and ask the same in return, for you to please notify us if you are running late or arrange for someone to be at the home when we arrive.

We ask that all the carpets scheduled to be cleaned are pre-vacuumed prior to our arrival. An additional charge may be added if vacuuming has not been done. Please remove as much stuff out of the rooms as possible such as end tables, small items, chairs, toys / clothing off the carpets, etc. Please note we do not move large furniture such as beds, wall units, anything big, we will move the odd sofa or two. We are there to clean your carpets not move furniture.

We also ask that there is a clear pathway cleared from the driveway closest to the Front door, driveway cleared of all snow, walkways cleared of snow or anything in the way, specially in the winter months, we do not want to drag all the snow into your house.
Please ensure your vehicle is moved as we need to be in the spot closest to the front door or directly in front of your house, to run our Pressure line / Vacuum line from our van to complete the carpet cleaning job.

Thank you for your Corporation.

Steele Carpet Cleaning Management