Plumbing home systems serve two very important purposes at the same time. And these two purposes must always stay as far apart from each other as possible. One is to bring fresh, clean water into the home. And the second is to ensure that dirty water is removed from the home.

There are three main plumbing systems, and any good plumber will know how to work in all three of these categories, according to the guidelines stipulated by the local building codes of the area. These three systems include The Potable Water System, The Sanitary Drainage System, and the Stormwater Drainage System.

The Potable Water System

The water you get when you open a tap at home is brought to the house using the potable water system. It involves running water via pipes from the community supplier (i.e., municipality). This water can be controlled by a valve and can have its water cut or supplied with the simple turn of a valve. This water is then run through a smaller network of pipes, bringing water to all of the different taps and fixtures that require water in the home. The amount of water used by the home is then tracked by a meter. This is because most homes pay for their water usage.

Sanitary Drainage System

The job of the sanitary drainage system in the home is to remove dirty water from the home. The sanitary drainage system can remove water containing waste from baths, toilets, cooking, washing, and laundry. Contaminated water must be removed through sealed pipes that allow none of their contents to mingle with any other water until it reaches an independent plant where the water is properly treated and cleaned. This is the sanitary drainage system that has contributed to the high standards of cleanliness and sanitation that we are accustomed to today.

Stormwater Drainage System

A modern home or building will have sewers and systems that are independent and capable of moving rain and storm waters towards larger community sewers equipped to deal with large amounts of water. Older building will rely on drainage systems that direct the flow of storm waters towards the sanitary drainage system, which is very capable of handling the extra load in a healthy plumbing system. Stormwater drainage systems also rely on drains, pipes and of course, gutters to function adequately and ensure that homes are not damaged by excessive water, or flooded during heavy rains.

Knowing the basics of home plumbing is quite simple, and can go a long way in identifying a problem in the home. Identifying the problem can help the plumber better understand the situation, should you require assistance, and he is then better able to budget and prepare for the repairs to be done.

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